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Part 3: Unleashing Resilience: The Genetic Connection

15 January 2024

Genetics plays a crucial role in shaping our resilience

PartOpportunity for Growth:

Inheriting gene variants that increase vulnerability does not condemn us to a lifetime of failure and distress. Instead, it presents an opportunity for exponential growth. The activity of these genes is like a dial that can be influenced through epigenetics – the impact of external factors on gene expression.

The Role of Neuropeptide Y (NPY):

One molecule called Neuropeptide Y (NPY) holds particular importance in resilience as it helps dampen stress responses while reducing fear, anxiety, and aggression. Imagine finding yourself constantly on edge due to high-pressure and demanding situations while under-expressing NPY due to an inherited variant (which affects 20-40% of the population).

Unlocking Resilience Hacks:

Fortunately, the dial is not fixed or static. By implementing simple interventions, you can override this insufficiency and cultivate exceptional resilience, while at the same time dramatically reducing the risk of anxiety.

  1. Adjust Diet: Reduce animal protein intake during stressful periods as it negatively impacts NPY levels.
  2. Engage in Aerobic Exercise: Prolonged aerobic exercise (preferably zone 2) elevates NPY levels.
  3. Supplement with Methylfolate: This vitamin B9 supplement is associated with better expression of NPY.
  4. Embrace Cold Immersion: Daily cold immersion activities like cold showers or exposure to cold temperatures increase NPY expression profoundly.

Knowledge Empowers Transformation:

Understanding the genetic basis of resilience empowers us to take action. By leveraging off advancements in biotechnology through panels like DNA RESILIENCE by DNAlysis and DNA LIFE, we have the opportunity to gain deep insights into our personal genetic makeup. Armed with this knowledge, we can adjust our personal dial and create the best version of ourselves, regardless of the circumstances.

In summary, genetics plays a crucial role in shaping our resilience, but it doesn’t determine our destiny. Through epigenetic interventions and lifestyle choices, we can optimise our inherited potential for resilience. While knowledge is power – acting on this knowledge is transformative. Embrace the opportunity to influence your resiliency genes and unlock your inner strength in the face of life’s challenges.


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