Investec - DTL Alumni

What did you most enjoy about the session? 

  • Excellent speaker, great topic 
  • This was one of the most interesting sessions I have ever attended 
  • I needed more time, we must get Richard back! 
  • Very informative and interesting. He is an extremely knowledgeable person 
  • It was really informative and interesting 
  • Amazing session for everyone from athletes to people trying to improve their diets and health. Richard could explain complex subjects extremely well and keep the audience engaged 
  • Very informative 
  • It was really very informative and I am lucky to have gotten exposure to this 
  • It was very interesting and informative 
  • Informative, and Richard spoke from a background of knowledge and passion for the subject 
  • Was nice to hear about a topic that relates to everyone and was quite a different take on performance in the work place – we tend to think that diet and exercise is something that’s part of your personal life but seeing how it impacts your entire life – it is certainly part of your work life too. Great that Investec as a company sees this! 
  • The subject was interesting and the presenter knew his subject very well 
  • It was one of the most memorable talks I have ever been to. I really found it interesting and the content was extremely beneficial. 
  • I like the fact that he showed the references and that his presentation is based on proper research by reputable institutions. 

Do you feel as though the information provided will benefit you? 

  • Definitely, was trying to get it all in and remember. I would love a list of what items on food labels to stay away from 
  • Make better eating choices, exercise habits 
  • Absolutely, will be surprised if it didn’t benefit anybody 
  • He gave practical advice about all three topics covered i.e. diet, exercise and EMF 
  • I now understand what we are actually putting into our bodies in this day and age and how it effects us in the long term 
  • Definitely. No colorants, or Aspartame ever again! 
  • Yes, I’m much more aware of the consequences of a poor diet 
  • For general interest, yes 
  • Yes, definitely, also considering how to change lifestyle choices as to benefit my two young girls 
  • Yes, because I never knew about food chemicals, colourants etc 
  • Yes, always very interested to hear about health/ diet and vitality talks 
  • Definitely. I think I am more informed now on how to be healthy and it will benefit my outlook on life and work/life balance 
  • Knowing the good and the bad that is out there, what we feed our kids is definitely great to know so one can make informed decision about nutrition 
  • Definitely provided input I need to consider the choices I make going forward. 
  • He gave a good understanding for how the relationship between our minds and bodies is so important 
  • Yes definitely! Being more conscious of how diet and exercise affect everything in my life. I will hopefully make informed decision in this regard 
  • Yes it should benefit everyone and come to realization that a healthy body is not only for sports people but does impact your day to day work 
  • Yes, it showed me that I will have to do a lot more research to ensure that I live a healthy life. You cannot trust the food labels 

General Comments 

  • It was a great session, thanks so much for arranging 
  • This must be available to EAP sessions presentation as the rest of the bank would be very interested. I know that I will tell colleagues to attend 
  • Very interesting session, I learned a lot! 
  • I enjoyed the session thoroughly 
  • Awesome, I really enjoyed it 
  • This was well worth attending, I know it’s a bit outside of our roles, but it brings us back to the fact that we are all people and unknowingly damaging ourselves 
  • I enjoyed the session and I would love to attend something like that again 
  • Thought it was a fabulous session. I really enjoyed and saw a lot of value in it 
  • Thanks for organizing this speaker. The general feeling is that it was a great session and I don’t think I have stopped talking about it since 
  • I really look forward to hearing him speak again as I think there is a whole other section around gyming, weights, weight loss and training that could benefit employees really well 
  •  I thought Richard was great and really got his message across, he engaged the audience. We definitely need to see more of him, there is so much out there regarding health and fitness. It was great to have someone you could ask questions of instead of reading another Google search result article 
  • Something that should benefit everyone not just DTL Alumni 
  • It would really help if you would make the presentation available to us to reference. I already forgot half the info