YPO - Pan Africa Group

HI Richard

Many thanks, the members really enjoyed your talk and having you around for more casual conversations.  You scored a fabulous 9.9 (out of 10) on your evaluation and here are the comments:

  • Highly recommend has too much deep info - Owais Pardesi
  • Take home value - Dionne Hirschowitz
  • He is the leader and expert in his field He distills complicated and relevant info to an audience so they understand - Marc Hirschowitz
  • Superbly knowledgeable and helpful - Adam Craker
  • Great content and presenter - Ben Mbanga
  • I would recommend because Richard has a wealth of knowledge and patience - Cathy Mbanga
  • We need more of his advice on health - YPO / Gold official Health Advisor - Christopher Whitfield
  • Whip smart and intuitive.  More please! - Tracy Whitfield
  • Amazing!! Excellent speaker.  Very knowledgable - Vanessa Torgeman
  • Insightful into a huge aspect of life and was easy to relate to - Charne Crundall

High praise indeed from a very discerning audience.