WPO Johannesburg Chapter

On behalf of the Exco and Members of WPO Johannesburg I would like to thank you most sincerely for giving us your time yesterday morning and sharing your wealth of knowledge and advice.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your talk and the "take-home" was invaluable.

We always ask our members to rate our events  (out of 10) and for your information the rating was as follows:

Content Interest: 9.9

Perspective on the subject: 9.9

Take Home:10


Some of the comments were:

  • Very insightful - complex subject - well delivered
  • Great venue & speaker
  • Outstanding event. 
  • Ground-breaking learning & revelations - many thanks to Marc Lubner for promoting this
  • Richard certainly knows about his subject – found him motivating
  • Really great content.
  • Excellent resource, inspirational
  • Would have loved longer Q & A
  • He is brilliant
  • Just up my alley – I so love this topic as I am passionate about what we eat
  • So interesting and informative – and now we are supposed to have a fun holiday!!"