The Microbiome and gut-brain connection

This popular seminar focuses on what is, essentially, the core of all human functionality - our gut and the resident bacteria that influence our biology. The session uses scientific evidence to show how these bacterial colonies dramatically impact our health on a physical, cognitive and behavioral level, and that maintaining an optimum balance is essential in achieving maximum functionality throughout life. 


The talk also highlights that this delicate echo system is being destroyed for the first time in human history due to indiscriminate exposure to antibiotics, changes in dietary patterns, environmental chemicals, common medications and many medical procedures. More importantly, the session gives evidence-based guidelines to promote the restoration of microbial balance for the purposes of improved digestion, immune system function, cognitive function, physical potential as well as overall health and stress management.


Generally, seminars run between 50-70 minutes, followed by a 10 minute Q&A. For additional information contact