Stress resilience

Stress - taking back control

What we know:

For over 70 years, medical research has continuously shown strong associations between chronic stress and health compromise. Chronic stress has also been linked to accelerated ageing, cognitive decline, emotional instability and a wide variety of pain conditions.


The fundamental question:

This evidence-based talk highlights the current trajectory of scientific research and answers the important question, “Why has the stress response, a powerful integrator of multiple biological systems that promoted survival, adaptability and higher levels of functioning in our ancestral past, become the primary trigger in ill health and the catalyst for poor performance?”


Novel perspective:

With a deeper understanding of the biological effects of stress and the ability to consciously control and mediate many of these responses, stress can be successfully harnessed and used to increase clarity and, in turn, improve productivity and performance.


Practical application:

The talk provides practical advice that can be incorporated easily into ones daily life (including small changes to diet, exercise, environment and response to stress stimuli) that can transform a potentially toxic state into one that confers incredible benefit.


Generally, seminars run between 50-70 minutes, followed by a 10 minute Q&A. For additional information contact