Ageing and disease prevention

The Science Behind a Better Life  - Can 60 be the new 40?

Diving into human biology, this talk identifies the root cause of ageing and related diseases.


Based on Nobel Prize winning research, we explore those negative dietary choices, activity habits and environmental factors that dramatically accelerate the ageing process by means of damaging cells and our genetic make up. 


The focus then, is on slowing down (and even reversing) the ageing process, with advice on the key nutrients, specific exercise methodologies and additional factors that can increase health-span, together with lifespan. 


In essence, the talk will provide information and the motivation to implement subtle changes that will ultimately promote increased strength, fitness, mental acuity, memory, concentration, heath, youthfulness, vitality and freedom from age-related illnesses.


Generally, seminars run between 50-70 minutes, followed by a 10 minute Q&A. For additional information contact